Melbourne’s Beta Bar will soon be cutting ties with current venue Untz Untz, but co-owner Skaidris Gunsmith urged patrons to “keep coming in the meantime” in a post to its public Facebook group on Thursday.

The geek and pop culture hangout has been operating on Friday nights out of Untz Untz since 2015, right outside Glenferrie Station, its second venue since first opening in 2014.

The host venue itself went through a rebranding last year, including changing of its name, which has seen a shift in the dynamic of Beta Bar’s events. Gunsmith said that “the clientele the venue has been attracting is incompatible with Beta Bars [sic] core values and vision”.

The decision to move venues follows an increasing number of complaints in the Beta Bar+ group, and has for the most part earned approval from group members. While the new venue has yet to be decided, Beta Bar will continue on Friday nights as usual up until May 26.

Gunsmith said that “if I’m being real, we can’t afford to [move to a new location] if people stop coming.”

The new venue promises to have “way more chill space, a huge new Rock Band area, massive beer garden, heaps of seated table space for board games, comfy couches for video games, pool tables, new arcades set to free play, open way earlier and alcohol prices will be a fraction of the cost.”

Due to Good Friday, this weekend’s Beta Bar event will be this Saturday night instead. The event’s theme is ‘Rare Night’, coinciding with the launch of Yooka-Laylee earlier this week.