Look out, footy fans. Wicked Witch’s AFL Evolution is almost here.

Arguably this year’s most anticipated title from a Melbourne studio, Wicked Witch has confirmed that Evolution will be out on May 5, on PS4 and Xbox One.

The PC version release date has yet to be confirmed, but players can now download a demo version featuring the Fan Hub, giving players the ability to create and customise players and teams.

The game will feature 80 teams, including from the AFL, VFL, TAC Cup, the Under-18 Championships, the International Cup, as well a group of special teams including the Indigenous All-Stars.

The game’s career mode will feature two options, one of which involves controlling either a created player or an AFL-listed player through the trials of a season. Creating your own player will involve him working up to getting drafted to an AFL team.

The other mode allows the player to manage the full aspect of a team, including managing contracts, negotiating trades, drafting rookies and organising training drills.

We’re still yet to see any proper gameplay footage shown. The closest we’ve seen so far is a trailer featuring Richmond stepping out onto the MCG. Hopefully with a release date locked in, a gameplay trailer will be revealed in the coming days.


Multiplayer Melbourne will feature a full review of AFL Evolution shortly after its release next month.